The top 25 Budget Friendly Games that won’t let you down!

In this world of growing technology for games and people’s craze towards it, we have been forwarded to let you know more about them. There are several older games and some new ones have also been added to the list that time and again are making people conscious about their position in the gaming world. At such points, people are forced to buy heavy and toxic equipment that is more than costly. Byt not everybody is the same and many are there who cannot afford the same but still, their love and craze for the game can’t be questioned. Today we will be talking about some games that are friendly for low-end PCs and laptops with integrated GPUs.

Now some of you might be thinking about the hardware that might not turn out to be so friendly in such cases do not worry, even if it is few years old the list that would be mentioned below is just going to work fine.

Some Budget-Friendly Games:


FTL: Faster Than Light



Untitled Goose Game

Hotline Miami


Hack Series

Half-Life Series

West of Loathing

Bridge Constructor Portal

Into the Breach


Civilization V


StarCraft II

Orwell Series




Diablo II


Magic: The Gathering Arena

Invisible Inc

Some out of these are just right like as it should be but many also are said to use lower settings given your hardware. Something that should be kept in mind is a dual-core CPU which should be running and also an integrated GPU that is not too old and at least a 4GB RAM. These are said to some of the requirements for the same. It has also been tried and tested on Intel integrated graphics. You may also see it for yourself by downloading the demos of many games. Once it is tried and tested by you on your device, you have an answer for it.

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