The core aim of PDQ Wire is to provide users with greater exposure to diverse perspectives and encourage original journalism. According to the established principles, when you submit your content through content labels or feeds in the Publisher Center, the ranking of your site on search engines shouldn’t interfere.

Black hat SEO technique and any payments made towards improving the search ranking of your site is not acceptable by PDQ Wire.

To rank your news, PDQ Wire considers the following factors:

• Freshness and Uniqueness of news content

• Content prominence

• Location

• Relevancy and accuracy of the content

• Language

• Authoritativeness

To rank your news under the category of “For you” tab, PDQ Wire uses the following factors:

• Usability

• Interest

With the creation of topical experiences in the tab of Newsstand, PDQ Wire staffs help users to explore new sources of their interest. The news results seen within these experiences are selected and then ranked by the algorithms. In order to maintain better rankings for your news site, you can maintain a PDQ Wire friendly website.

You can avail of technical assistance from the experts of PDQ Wire. However, for ranking, we can’t offer you much assistance. We expect your cooperation and understanding.