Top 4 Best Black gamers who have set a Benchmark

When it comes to gaming, there is a lot of talk about the show. While white gamers who are said to have occupied the entire of youtube are now justifying themselves. It is not only youtube sort of thing that they are limited to, but also twitch. While all of this is happening there is a dire need to shift our focus to the black gaming creators, some of them are so best at the respective jobs that they need to be talked about but unfortunately, nobody is making them the talk of the show.  Today we are here to talk about some of them that would promote their content and let you know about some more great minds in the world.

Some Black Game Creators who have turned out to be Exceptional:

Dennis Mathews:

He is a founder of Revelation Interactive Game Development. He is an all-rounder who is known for working for various studios and multiple games that have turned to be exceptional. He is also a well-known game developer. He has spoken at game conferences that involve, Game Con, Game Developers, and Urban Tech Weekend.


She is also a gamer and a highly respected Twitch live streamer. Overwatch and Pokemon are the gamers that are especially known due to her. Despite being an excellent gamer she also keeps trying on the music industry where she is known to be playing those engaging remixes. She is witty, funny, and charismatic.

Laura Teclemariam:

You must not be surprised if I tell you that she is a software engineer who is the project manager of Electronic Arts. Sports-related franchises such as NBA, MLB are known to have featured her time and again. She is also a respected founder of many companies that are running well currently.

Rabbit Plays Games:

RPGs are just her thing. She is good at playing games like ‘Em and Ghost house. Her twitch channel frequently features her wherein she could be clearly seen interacting lovingly with all her fans. Most of her gameplay is the list of games that she already has a hand on while the other set is blind.

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