Twitter Enables Removal of Unwanted Followers With its New Tool!

The globally renowned micro-blogging site Twitter has finally given the power in the hand of users to remove unwanted followers from their accounts. The platform has launched a new tool or feature called “Soft Block,” which allows an account holder to keep control of who follows them without needing to block them.

Twitter has begun to roll out the new feature for the users. To use the soft block feature, one can find the option on their profile. One has to head to the list of their followers and click on the three dots next to a particular follower. The users can find the option of “Remove this follower,” and upon tapping on the option, one can simply delete an unwanted follower from their account without having to block them.

This removal feature in Twitter was asked by many. The platform began testing for the new update just last month, and the update is now available for Twitter users. Blocking someone kept the user from viewing another person’s activity on Twitter. But now, with the help of the removal feature, people can enjoy a gentler way of creating distance from their unwanted followers.

However, the feature is currently available for Twitter users on the web. It is not known yet when the feature will be launched for the application as well. With the help of the new soft block feature, a Twitter user can remove anyone they want from their account without notifying them. Nonetheless, the account can again follow you.

After removing someone from your Twitter account, the other person will be unable to see your activities on the platform. But, they can again follow your account in the future, and they can still send you direct messages.

The news was shared by Twitter itself which stated, “We are making it easier to be the curator of your own followers list. Now testing on web, remove a follower without blocking them.” The platform also shared the steps to remove the follower, along with the help of images to make it easier for the users to understand the process.

This step is going to be extremely helpful to tackle the trolls and online harassment on Twitter. In September, the platform had taken a step to deal with the rising instances of trilling on Twitter. With the aim to stifle trolls and abusive accounts in a more effective way, Twitter introduced a “safe mode” on the platform. The feature was initially sent out to the testers for both Androids and iOS, but the company aims to roll out the feature for all as soon as possible.

Under the safe mode, one can simply activate the feature from Privacy in Settings, which enables an algorithm to detect and turn down the accounts that are abusive and sending or posing threats to genuine users. If you have not interacted or connected to any such account or account holder on Twitter, the platform will automatically block them for you.

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