Twitter launches new subscription service!

twitter blue

Twitter has recently launched the paid blue subscription feature that is a subscription service on the app stores. Some mobile phone applications showed this feature but expected features were not yet available.

Twitter is used by millions of users around the world, so the company was planning to launch a subscription-based service for a long time. In April, the company confirmed that they have 199 million users. And they can make money every day, a 20% increase per year.

The Apple apps store has Twitter listed as ” twitter blue” under the in-app purchases column. In the UK, it is £2.49 and $2.99 in the US store. But on the android platform, it is under the in-app purchases column, but there is no pricing yet.

According to the experts, the expected features include a undo button that will allow users to recall the tweet after sending them for a few seconds. There will be a collection feature where users can store their separate tweets( it can be as an alternate bookmark). Along with that, there will be a mode that will help in reading a long tweet comfortably.

An independent researcher, Ane Manchun Wong, saw these app listings and discovered the option “Twitter blue”. She works on finding new features and applications. According to her, Twitter blue will have new icons and themes.

The new feature will increase the money-making abilities. It will lure more users with attractive features. Paid subscription platform is not new, and for Twitter, it will be a competition. In the past month, the social media giant has earned $1bn (£700m) revenues, and finding new sources will make it less susceptible to fluctuations.

The founder Jack Dorsey has bought many companies to paid subscription umbrella. In January, the company founder has bought Revue, which offers newsletters, and SCroll will remove ads from news websites.

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