Twitter Rolls Out the New ‘Disappearing Tweets’ Update!


Twitter has begun rolling out its new feature of the ‘disappearing tweets’ update. The platform had announced the news in September when it told that Twitter had many upcoming updates. One such update is to the disappearing tweet feature of Twitter.

As per the new update, the platform has eliminated the auto-refreshing feature. The user’s timeline will not be refreshed automatically, which earlier led to the disappearance of many tweets. Now, the decision to refresh the feed is in the hands of users if they want to manually refresh and load new tweets or stay on the current tweet.

The issue of disappearing tweets on automatic refresh was annoying many users. There were many complaints about how the tweets would disappear from a user’s view mid-read. It happened as the user’s timeline would refresh automatically, and the user’s screen would show new tweets. Twitter, in the past, had addressed the concern and announced it was working on the update for the same.

On 23rd September, Twitter noted the issue of disappearing tweets from the timeline. The tweet read, “The background: a Tweet would move up the timeline as replies were added to the ongoing convo. Since some convos can evolve quickly, this made it so you didn’t see the same Tweet repeated in the TL.” They also stated that their changes would enable the users to keep their timeline fresh, which will keep Tweets from disappearing in the middle of your reading.

Now, the platform has again posted a tweet to announce the update. Tweeting in response to their own September tweet, the Twitter Support team wrote, “An update to the disappearing Tweet experience is rolling out for web! Now you can choose when you want new Tweets to load into your timeline –– click the Tweet counter bar at the top.”

As per the information shared by the Twitter Support team, the new update is being rolled out for the web. If a user uses Twitter on the web and not the application, they can enjoy the new update and keep the tweets in the timeline until they finish reading. The users can now refresh their own feed and load new tweets whenever they want to.

However, for iOS and Android users of Twitter, there is no big change as they never had the automatic refresh timeline feature. They can click on the home screen or the arrow mark, which appears when there are new tweets to show.

Twitter has been in light these days by bringing new updates one after another. Recently, Twitter rolled out the new feature of no cropping of the image on the preview. Since then, full-size image previews have been available of the pictures people tweet on the platform. Such updates, including Twitter’s decision to shut down Fleets, show the platform takes users’ feedback seriously. Many people are appreciating the platform for keeping user satisfaction their first priority and regularly updating the platform as per its users’ needs.


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