What is Bat-Signal? What is the significance of Bat-Signal?

If you are a Batman fan, then the topic must have excited you! However, if you are new to this dark world, you too are in the right place. Besides the epic stories, plot, action, and drama that Batman brings, something that’s prevalent amongst the fans is Bat-Signal. If you want to know more about it, then you must keep reading.

What is a Bat-Signal?

Do you remember that light with Batman’s symbol in the open sky from the movies and books? That halo, searchlight, or light, whatever you call it, is what Bat-Signal is for. Apparently, that light supposedly means to summon the superhero. To say it precisely, according to the plot of Batman, the Bat-Signal is used by the Gotham City Police Department to contact or summon Batman. It means that Batman’s help or assistance is needed in a certain event.

Source: DCAU

On the other hand, Bat-Signal is also used to threaten the bad guys of Gotham City. Certainly, the criminals are scared of Batman, hence they can be intimidated by that signal. In other words, any criminal can be stopped by threatening him/her with Batman’s presence.

Bat-Signal: Looks and Uses

A Bat-Signal is a “distress signal” device. It is known to be a specially modified searchlight. Certainly, it has a stylized emblem of a bat attached to the light. Hence, it allows the symbol of a bat to project in the sky. However, the symbol is described in the comic as, “a gigantic cone of light, piercing the dusk of the day and etches an eerie symbol against the black cloud… the silhouette of a Giant Bat”.

bat signal COMIC
Source: Comic Vine

The Bat-Signal was first used in Detective Comics #60 in 1942. Moreover, the signal has also been featured in “Batman: The Man Who Laughs”, “Legends of the Dark Knight”, “Batman and the Mad Monk”, “Batman: The Animated Series”. Besides, the origin is depicted in the 1989 Batman film where Batman gives the Gotham Police the signal to contact him when the city falls under danger.

The most important thing is, the Bat-Signal is the primary logo for the Batman comics, shows, and films. Moreover, on 21 September 2019, DC Comics and Warner Bros. lit the Bat-Signal to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary.

Get Your Own Bat-Signal!

If you want to live the action in real-time, then you can get a Bat-Signal for yourself. Apparently, the device or alternatives are available online. You can order it from Amazon also, with amazing features. Nonetheless, you can create one yourself. There are multiple articles and videos available on the Internet.

Order or make one and enjoy the thrill with your friends and family.

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