What is the story behind Michael Jackson’s famous white glove?

Michael Jackson was truly a legend. He was so iconic, that even his stuff was worth a fortune. One of MJ’s things that people are ready to spend millions on is his glove. You must have heard it in the news multiple times how expensive that glove goes in auction. Certainly, in the last auction in 2020, the iconic white glove was sold for more than 85,000 pounds in Texas. But what is the craze about? What is the story behind the white glove? Read ahead to know it all!

Michael Jackson’s White Glove!

Michael Jackson’s iconic glove is a custom-designed right-handed glove. It is made of white spandex and is covered with Swarovski crystal and lochrosen crystals. The glove has been worn by Michael Jack on stage and music videos so many times. Later, it became an iconic part of Jackson’s stage wear. Besides, to stand out from the normal, MJ used to wear the glove only in one hand. He once said, “I felt one glove was cool. Wearing two seemed so ordinary.” The glove was made by Jackson’s costume designer Bill Whitten, whose label is there on the glove.

MJ Glove
Source: Fanpop

Moreover, MJ’s single white glove appeared on TV for the first in 1983. It was during his iconic performance of “Billie Jean” at the Motown’s 25th anniversary TV special. Today, the crystal glove is one of the most famous pieces of fashion in the world of pop music. During the Dallas auction, Garry Shum, the director of Heritage Auctions’ music and entertainment memorabilia talked about the glove. He said, “This is an incredibly important piece of music memorabilia, worn on stage by one of the most popular starts of all time”.

Story behind MJ’s iconic glove!

We all are now aware of the greatness of MJ’s white glove. But how did he suddenly become fond of a white glove. According to the Boston-based designer, John Kehe’s story, this is what happened-

When John was the resident-music head at a Hollywood film production company, he got a chance to design a music video for MJ and his brothers in 1980. Certainly, they go to spend time together in sessions and production work. Subsequently, when John took Michael for a tour of production facilities, they met Rick Ross who was working at the moment.

Apparently, Rick was wearing a short white cotton glove to look for the yellow pencil marks on the frames to be edited. According to John, Michael didn’t have a great interest in the tour earlier, but Rick’s glove caught his eye. He was intrigued and politely asked questions about it, and also asked for a spare one. Later, the single white glove got worked on with crystals and silver sequins and made its TV debut with MJ’s “Billie Jean” performance. Since then, it has become the King of Pop’s wardrobe icon throughout his career. So that’s how the Glove Story came to be. And today, globe is worth millions and people are ready to pay for it!

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