Who is Xur? How to locate Xur? Where is Xur now?

Being a player in Destiny 2 gives you a huge responsibility of a guardian. It makes you the protector of the last safe city on Earth. Certainly, you have to protect humanity from different alien races. Therefore, beside being a good player, you need to have efficient weapons as well. And that is where we need Xur, to give us ammo. If you quite don’t get what all this is about, keep reading to know more!

Who is Xur?

When you are in need of an exotic weapon, you need to look for Xur. Certainly, Xur is the Agent of the Nine and the vendor who sells exotic weapons, armors, engrams, Exotic Shards. You can also buy consumables and everything is done in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. However, Xur is not the one to stay at a single place. In other words, you will not get to meet him at a single place as he is constantly moving. Hence he appears in different locations in the Tower and Vestian Outpost every weekend. You can find him from Friday 9 AM till Sunday 9 AM UTC.

Source: The Gamer Guides

One of Xur’s features include variations in his weapons. Certainly, Xur’s items vary each week and every time he changes his location. However, the only kind of weapon that doesn’t change are dated engrams and quest steps. But, it’s also important to keep in mind that the prices go up occasionally.

Where to find Xur?

As mentioned above, Xur is found in random places all over the Destiny world. However, he appears in different locations in the Tower and Vestian Outpost in Destiny. Other than that, if you want to look for the exotic merchant in Destiny 2, you should look for him at The Tower, European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus and Io. Moreover, he is most likely to be available at these places from Friday 9 AM to the next weekly reset which is on Tuesday.

Where is Xur right now?

The possible locations where Xur may arrive are already mentioned above. Xur was last found in the EDZ and before that, he arrived at the Tower. Moreover, to know his new location, we’ll have to wait for 2 more days, till Friday. Then only we’ll get to where Xur will appear this time. Certainly, you can keep yourself updated online as there are various websites working specifically to track Xur’s location. Also, stay tuned with PDQ Wire as we’ll be giving you updates with every new lead.

Famous Xur Quotes!

Besides being a mysterious vendor of exotic weapons, Xur also seems to be wisdomous as well. Certainly, some of his famous dialogues or quotes are:

  • Bodies come and go, but only cells remember. And if we forget, the Nine will remember for us.
  • My movements are not entirely predictable, not even to me.
  • The deep black is many things, but never lonely.
  • I have the information. I do not yet know if you are the one it is meant for.
  • There is no reason to fear me.
  • I came for the light perhaps… To understand the light.

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