Zachary Levi Spotted With Rumored Girlfriend at 2021 ESPYS

Zachary Levi

On Saturday, July 10, Zachary Levi was spotted on the red carpet of ESPYS 2021 but this time the actor didn’t come solo on the red carpet. Instead, Zachary was seen with rumored girlfriend Caroline Tyler. At the event, Levi looked handsome in a brown suit with matching loafers and tie, and if we talk about Caroline Tyler, she was seen wearing a sparkling white gown that turned heads for all the right reasons.

Before attending the show, Zachary confirmed romance rumors when he reposted Caroline’s Instagram Story where they both were captured holding hands in a New York City park. Moreover, Caroline’s Instagram is also making this relationship extra secretive. Back in May, some followers noticed Levi pose with Tyler. 

In an interview, back in 2019, Zachary declared his relationship status and confirmed that he was single at the time. Zachary Stated, “You know honestly, I’ve been in this really kind very good, healthy moment of just, I don’t know, being with me, loving myself, working on myself. Getting stronger and healthier and waiting for that right woman to enter my life. I don’t know where she is, but I’m trusting that that’s all going to time out the way it’s supposed to.” 

Now, we have to wait to see where these two go, but beyond this, one thing is certain: his upcoming project. Zachary Levi is excited about his upcoming project, American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story, where he portrays the role of NFL legend Kurt Warner.

This project will tell a story of the quarterback’s journey from an Iowa grocery store worker to a professional athlete. it will show that how he became a football star after he left his job at a supermarket to become a Super Bowl-winning football star.

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